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Pre-Partnership Reference Documents
Potential Partnership Questionnaire  Download PDF
If you are interested in becoming a Partner with ICM, fill out this Questionnaire and send it to the ICM email address below.
Summary of Partnership Expectations  Download PDF
Church Growth Partnership Manual   Download PDF (English) | Descargar PDF (Español)
ICM’s manual to assist Partners in understanding the Church Growth procedures and relationships.
Lausanne Covenant   Download PDF
A declaration of faith agreed upon by more than 2,300 evangelical Christians during the 1974 International Congress in Lausanne, Switzerland. The Lausanne Covenant details ICM’s belief in being intentional about evangelization and the call to work together to make Jesus Christ known throughout the world.
MBC Overview & Instruction –For Small Group Study
Mini Bible College Materials
Contacting ICM

To contact ICM with an interest in a potential Church Growth Partnership, please read the Summary of

Partnership Expectations and then complete the Potential Partnership Questionnaire, submitting it to

If you have other questions, you may also write to, stating the following:

• Your question

• Your organization and the location of the organization and its work

• Your name and title within the organization

ICM has regional Directors of Partnership Review for Latin America, Eurasia, Former Soviet Union

Republics and Africa. Your inquiry will be directed to the appropriate Director or a member of the Mini

Bible College team.

Pre-Partnership Questions & Answers
Please read the following Question and Answers for more information about becoming an ICM Partner. If you have further questions, or would like to begin talking directly to us about becoming an ICM Partner, please contact the ICM Contact assigned to your area of the world (See the "ICM Contacts" in the middle section of this website).
Question: What are the qualifications expected for a Church Growth partnership with ICM?
What ICM looks for in potential Partners:
Christ-centered vision for expansion
The ministry’s accomplishments
Its desire to plant churches and expand the Gospel
Vision and determination to accomplish the Partner’s own stated objectives
Prayer for discernment of God’s will as a central part of the decision-making

Godly reputation
The background and reputation of the ministry
The ministry’s association(s) and/or affiliation(s)
The ability of the ministry’s leadership
The local support of the ministry

Strong infrastructure
Capacity to handle church building supervision, assuring the completion of the church, reporting and ongoing communications, all on time and within budget
Track record and capability to achieve required results
Established disciplines to assure accountability
Authority over pastors of churches to be built

Cross-cultural communications
The following items will aid in our communications, helping expedite payment procedures:
Ability to report and provide documents in English
Use of technology tools for reporting, including,

  • Internet access with broadband connectivity
  • Email, with the ability to send attachments
  • Scanning of photos or use of a digital camera
  • Telephone accessibility
  • Electronic Funds Transfer capability
Question: How can I become a Church Growth Partner?
ICM works in many countries around the world. For this reason we have a Director of Partnership Review in charge of various areas around the world: Europe & Asia – Brad Orchard; Africa – Andy Scott; Latin America – Albert Allen and Special Projects – Burt Reed. Please contact the Director who is in charge of the area you are interested in (see “ICM Contacts” section in the middle of this website page), or by sending and e-mail to or calling ICM at 757-827-6704, toll-free at 1-800-999-3892.

Your Director will walk you through the process. Please notice that ICM does not build single churches. ICM begins working in a country with a vision to build not just one, but hundreds of churches to blanket the country. Also ICM does not build churches directly with Pastors of congregations; rather, all the constructions must be done through established ICM Church Growth Partnerships.
Question: Is the ICM Church Growth Potential Partnership Questionnaire the same that the Partnership Application?
No, it is not.  The Potential Partnership Questionnaire gives us a general idea of the administrative and organizational capacity of your organization and is the initial step to consider a Partnership between your organization and ICM.  As soon as the Questionnaire has been reviewed by the Director of Partnership Review, ICM will send you a notification as to whether or not this appears to be a good fit for a Partnership. If the ministry does appear to be a fit, a Partnership Application Form will be sent to gain more information.
Question: What do I do when I receive the Partnership Application Form from ICM?
Please carefully read all the questions on the Partnership Application Form and complete all the blanks, being very exact in the detailed directions needed, such as the street number and address, City and Country (No. P.O. Box is accepted), Bank information, and please attach all the documents listed on the last page of the Partnership Application Form. They are:
1.- Audited Financial Statement or Most Recent Budget.
2.- References.
3.- Model Plan
4.- List of Board Directors.
5.- Map Noting Current Churches and Prioritizing Proposed Locations.
6.- Statement of Faith.
7.- Mini Bible College Review Form. (Please note that to the link needed for audio is given in the form.)

If you send your Partnership Application without all of these documents, or send the documents in different e-mails, please identify those documents with the Name of your Organization and Country.  Because we receive many applications, we might not be able to identify to which organization or to which part of the world your documents belong, and this may slow our approval process.

Question: When will I know if my Partnership Application was approved by ICM?
Once the Partnership Application Form and all the documents listed on the last page of the Application have been received, and once everything is complete, a file is created and taken to the International Church Growth Committee with a recommendation.  If the Partnership is approved you will receive a welcome letter (via email) with a Username and Password, informing you to start with Targeted Mini Bible College (if we have it in your needed language), and with instructions on when to send your first Church Building Application(s) through the ICM Partner Website.  If the Partnership Application has been rejected, you will receive an email explaining the reasons why your Organization did not qualify.